Georgetown, TX



​I'm Cindy Campbell, a piano instructor for over 35 years, teaching children and adult beginners through advanced studies.  I love teaching piano!!  It's my passion and the most wonderful job ever!  I have vast experience as a piano accompianist and I've played piano for various ministries such as prison ministry and nursing home ministries as well as church pianist.  In addition, I enjoy playing for weddings and special occasions.  When I'm teaching, I teach each student to read music and play using a variety of curriculum to provide interesting repertoire and technique.  I like to use supplemental books in teaching my students such as as Classical, Pop, Jazz & Blues, Christian Contemporary, Hymns, Country and Christmas music on each student's level to give a balance in their musical journey.  My students say I am a very patient and understanding teacher.  Above all, I strive to put God first in my life!

Need a Piano?  Capital Music in Austin on Burnet Rd rents digital pianos for as low as $39 a month.  The keys are weighted just like an acoustic piano.  Just call 512-458-1933.  Please tell them Cindy Campbell referred you.


Contact Me: 512-948-7258 

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